Born to a dutch club owner and music aficionado, ACID FLORA‘s artistic journey has been charted at birth. From a simple 90’s tape deck all the way through to today’s vast and enchanting acoustic landscape, the young Swiss talent has devoted herself to finding and sculpting a signature sound that speaks to hearts and hips alike. With a raunchy touch of nonchalance, she weaves heartfelt emotions with unapologetic ecstasy, oscillating between self-awareness and daring provocation. Driven by honesty and expression through music, ACID FLORA creates miraculous spaces in which the exploration of the self is not only allowed, but encouraged. With implicit authenticity, she invites people to let go of all conventions and immerse themselves in music. She does this by opening up herself to the people in the crowd and connecting with them in an intimate dialogue that inspires and fuels her musical selection.

Following her first booking back in 2015, ACID FLORA has been a staple at Berlin’s magnificent Katerblau with appearances at prestigious events like the Bar 25 weekender and Kater-resident Mira’s Birthday in November ‘22. On top she’s played two shows in Brazil during the famous carnival and shortly after secured her debut in New York with ZERO followed by her debut in Lisbon at Maga’s event series ,,Stories’’. ACID FLOR’s residency at Zürich’s world-renowned Hive Club has made her delivering distinctive vibes to some of the most distinguished dancefloors in Europe. 2023 is shaping up to be another amazing year for her with several confirmed international festival appearances, as well as her very first release set to come out on Oliver Koletzki’s ,,A Tribe Called Kotori’’. Clearly, she is on a ride that is bound to get a whole lot wilder in the not so distant future.