The bassdriven & melodic sets of BONFANTE are always mesmerizing: full of twists and meant to dance from beginning to end. Melodic Techno or Organic Dance Music….whatever you call it, Bonfante plays electronic music with heart and that has brought her to several reknown festivals & clubs in recent years. Covering the more grooveful and melodic genres around 116-120 bpm, Bonfante gets consistently great feedback for her DJ sets from audience & promoters. With a particular passion for melodies -sometimes with a dreamier twist, sometimes with a rougher touch, for every set, BONFANTE dives deep into her particular musical imaginarium to bring out a soul driven musical journey of a kind!

Bonfante is as well a rising electronic producer. She has collected solid support with her own releases landing in top LABELS (3000Grad, A Tribe Called Kotori, Underyourskin, Heimlich, Serafin,…) PLAYLISTS (Dixon Track IDs, Electronic Rising Spotify,…), entering BP CHARTS (top 10 „Melodic House & Techno“,…) and fellow DJ/ARTIST SUPPORT (i.e. including a remix from Stimming in 2022). Bonfante is working already on new music to be released this year. Keep tuned!

Lethargy Festival, Dockville Festival, Fusion Festival, KaterBlau, Rummelsbucht, 3000Grad Festival, Katzensprung Festival, Pangea Festival, Übel & Gefährlich, ViertelKlub Basel, Lusatia Festival, Gloria, Docks Hamburg, Wilde Möhre Festival, Odonien, Bahnwärter Thiel, Ritter Butzke, Sisyphos, Insel der Jugend…

„BACK FROM FINISTERRE“ – (Bonfante / 3000Grad):
„BROKEN INFINIITY“ – (Bonfante / Kamai Music)
„NO RETURN, NO ESCAPE“ – (Bonfante / Underyourskin):

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