Love and music… love with music… love for music… for Danjo&Verena, both are indispensable universal components of happiness. This is reflected both in their captivating charisma and their rousing music. Lots of passion, emotion and harmony in a relaxed, smooth mix of slow, organic, deep, melodic and progressive house. After more than 20 years of relationship, marriage and parenthood, their musical journey together has been going on for four years now, and with regular sets at the 3000Grad Festival and 3000Grad Events, the Wurzelfestival, the Ponderosa Festival, their own event series schlichtSOUNDS or countless sweaty club nights from the Rhine-Neckar region to Berlin, they can now look back on manygreat moments. They want to share their experiences with dancers on a very special journey. So close your eyes, open your heart and simply float along on a cloud accompanied by the symphony into infinity.