Eule:nhaupt & Molle:nhauer [ DJ ]

Well, this is gonna be frisky: Go-getting musical globetrotter Eule aka Eulenhaupt meets his DJ colleague Molle aka Mollenhauer, the cheerful dude from Mecklenburg with his special passion for groove. The result of this encounter clearly bears the hallmarks of the two of them and therefore is similar varied and entertaining like the gentlemen themselves. A rich bass makes the head nodding right from the beginning of Candyshock, driving offbeat chords reinforce this effect even more. The percussive composition signalizes a massive departure even before the break, the track finally takes off completely with some playful-euphoric wind instruments. Candydrop starts in a similar mood but this one leads into dubby depths with harmonic keyboard orchestration afterwards. On the B-side Candyshock is re-interpreted by Mollenhauer’s Alter Ego Mollono.Bass. He again adds a mighty portion thrust, dubby sounds and a dreamy oriental vocal hovers between the quotations from the original. Last but not least Eulenhaupt and Mollenhauer rearranged the song Candyshop from the bouncy jazz-folk-crossover combo Fatima Spar and deliver a song-styled composition with friendly accordion sounds and a superb smoky female vocal. As one can hear pretty distinct, not only the name of this title was an important source of inspiration for the available record. Music from Acker for the acre or the cosy freak-out in the club of trust!


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