Manuel Meyer [ Live – Only for Showcases ]

Manuel Meyer is an electronic producer based in Hamburg, Germany. Having worked behind the scenes on a number of projects since 2007, including the renowned Zusammenklang, Meyer has moved center stage with his eponymous project Manuel Meyer. A unique style of cosmic house techno, it’s crafted to stir up the dance floor and make the body quake and feel alive.


Manuel Meyer is no stranger to the world of electronic music. Since 2007 the Germany-based producer has worked behind the scenes on a number of projects, including the renowned Zusammenklang. But after a decade of collaborating with the movers and shakers of Europe’s electro scene, Meyer himself is moving center stage. His new eponymous project Manuel Meyer removes the veil and brings his face to the forefront.

“I decided to hide no longer behind project names anymore,” he explained. “Not to hide behind other faces is the great task of life.”

Meyer bares all with his new material, a unique style of cosmic techno. Its focus is to make the body quake and feel alive. And his new mixes are crafted to stir up the dance floor. It’s a sound that took him decades to perfect.

“I started many bands over time but it never sparked,” he said. “I remember when I received an Atari 1040ST, Cubase 1.0 and a Roland JV30 as a gift. That’s when I dedicated myself to electronic music. Not with wanting to be on stage, but simply for the sake of the music.”

Meyer’s new material preserves that ethos: making music for music’s sake. But what separates this project from his previous ones is its audacity. Creating music under his own name instead of using a moniker allows Meyer to express his true self. And it takes listeners on an electronic journey that whisks them from ebb and flow of everyday life.

As he explains, “I would like to take all the people who listen to my music on a journey, to escape the everyday life and to feel a nice long moment, happiness and peace. To dance with closed eyes to the music and to share those feelings with all.”