Timboletti [ Live / DJ ]

Rumours have it that he escaped from a confetti factory in some faraway place, and that he was on the road with a flea circus afterwards. That would explain why all those sepia-coloured scenes from exotic places appear before the inner eye of his listeners: With the steady, hypnotic rattle of a steam train in the background, they show sequences from Middle East, South America, India, and from the infinite realms of Inner Space. It’s this organic amalgamation of traditional, hand-played music and the digital functionality of House beats that makes Timboletti a very special DJ and producer.


Club- and festival-gigs: Fusion Festival, 3000Grad & Co, Goethebunker Essen (Residency), Jerusalem, Goa, Copenhagen, Festival Forte Official Camp Portugal, Goulash Disko Croatia, Meeresrauch Festival, Beatplantation (Ruhrarea), Sisyphos Berlin, Ritter Buttzke Berlin, Hotel Shanghai Essen, WANNDA-ZIRKUS München, Simsalaboom Festival, FIG Festival, MS-Treue Bremen, Rotunde Bochum, Mülheim, Göttingen, Oberhausen, Kassel, …


  • Falling Cows – Louk The Dog (Timboletti Remix) (Copycow)
  • Timboletti – Hintersee EP (Acker Records)
  • Timboletti – Mistake In Luxor / Wrohm EP (Shango Records)
  • Timboletti – Cowboy In Cairo (Original Mix) (Soupherb Records, Continental Soup)
  • Timboletti – Boban EP (Bass9 Records)
  • Timboletti – Minga Express (Originial Mix) (Copycow)
  • Breger & Timboletti – Space Report (Creepy Finger Records)
  • Breger & Timboletti – Hoffmann Hüpfer (Original Mix) (Minimal Force)
  • Knip – Warrior (Timboletti Remix) (Buena Onda Records)
  • Breger & Timboletti – Dusty Archives EP (Copycow)
  • Timbolettti – Lindholz EP (Acker Records)
  • Veronique Page – Beyond The Scattering Echoes (Breger & Timboletti Remix) (Eminor)
  • Breger & Timboletti – Planet Yes No EP (Copycow)