Ambivalence by Deenara

Ambivalence: A state of tension that evolves between contrasting colours of emotion and divergent streams of thought. Deenara’s brand new track with this very name delivers just that: The streamlined arrangement creates a light and breezy vibe while the story that is contained within it is gripping and compelling as it can be. Motion of Will plays with the rich organic flow of bass frequencies, purling layers of melody and the subtleties of housey fragments that keep flying in from sunny beaches, stirring a motion of the dancefloor that is best described as blissful oblivion. Deenara’s Weapon of Love hits us like a steam hammer, at the same time caressing us like a soft and tender hand. Here the Ukrainian producer proves her talent for hard, uncompromising club sound with a distinctly  smooth and elegant edge.

  1. Ambivalence (Original)
  2. Motion Of Will (Original)
  3. Weapon Of Love (Original)

Excl. Release 18 August 2023

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