Transdimension by Tomy Wahl & Markus Klee

Hard basslines and ethereal heights, functionality put in a nutshell and eagerness to play, a melange of dark and bright sound textures: Like a Jin & Jang of groove, the outstanding creativity and experience of Markus Klee and Tomy Wahl merge into a perfectly round and rolling listening experience. The melodic and technoish vibes of I Remember are tinged with subtle hues of house in the remix of Moritz Hofbauer, progressively escalating into a state of ecstatic trance. Transdimension bubbles up from down below the centre of the dancefloor in the surreal twilight between night and day. Far & High redirect the compelling flow of this tune towards their explosive rhythmics, creating a first-grade remix that truly deserves the description banger.

  1. I Remember (Original)
  2. Transdimension (Original)
  3. I Remember (Moritz Hofbauer)
  4. Transdimension (Far&High Remix)

Excl. Release 11 August 2023

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