Awaken The World EP by Rauschhaus

It’s deep in the most uplifting way. It’s consistent, to-the-floor and functional as it can be, yet full of unexpected twists and turns. It’s a perfect example to explain exactly what the term progressive means in the context of house music. It’s Rauschhaus. After the North German contributed his unmistakable sound to 3000Grad Records as a remixer already, here’s his first proper solo EP on the label. Leaning towards Melodic Techno at times, but without ever missing the sleek, sensual Rauschhaus style, the three original tracks on this release are uplifting as it can be. On top of that, a banging, intensely melodic Angelov remix extends this high level of energy just perfectly.

  1. Awaken The World
  2. Awaken The World (Agelov Remix)
  3. ADSR
  4. Mindtricks

Release 23 Jule 2023

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