Zingst EP by Judith van Waterkant / Mere

Judith van Waterkant and Mere present their first own EP. Driven by a rhythm machinery that is firing on all four cylinders and packed with screeching Acid riffs, PoP feels distinctly faster and more intense than the BPM reading of the title implies. Mila Stern pushes down on the accelerator and propels her remix into a tight system of groove-based ecstasy. The nocturnal track Weiter is dark and deep, looms up through a series of bold filter modulations, creating a heady, tripped-out atmosphere. So does the remix from Andy’s Echo, even though this rocky, electroid take on the original moves on a different path to reach that point of a party.

  1. PoP (Mila Stern Remix)
  2. PoP
  3. Weiter
  4. Weiter (Andy’s Echo Remix)

Release 16 June 2023

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