Agrio EP by Mono & Kusten

Agrio EP by Mono & Kusten / Pay Kusten / Ex-Mono, excl. releases 09 June 2023

  1. Boom
  2. Viow
  3. Viow (Nhii Remix)
  4. Boom (SIAAH Remix)
  5. Solea

The mid-tempo groove of Mono & Kusten (Ex-Mono, Pay Kusten from the Meeronauten) glides along like clear spring water over the smooth, round pebbles of a mountain stream. This coherent flow keeps up also during the breaks, when the lively beats fade away, and the listening mind keeps drifting on a stream of melodic warmth and harmony. Driving, deep and trancy: These are clearly the main features of this beautiful EP that has been arranged with a stunning amount of skill and passion. Mind-bending effect parameters, samples bubbling up unexpectedly from cavernous reverb spaces and subtle traces of world music vocals enhance the psychedelic experience. A Nhii remix provides a bold and twisted trip spiked with blissful bursts of ignition power, and another remix by SIAAH makes us the subjects of a barrel roll of cunning hypnotism.

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