Full Moon EP by D-Nox incl. Green Lake Project Rmx

Groove-based audacity meets brilliant production skills, plays with a vocal sample and is eventually modulated into the galactic frequencies of space techno: That’s the most concise description of this red-hot tune by D-Nox. Round and rolling, reflecting the signature style of the DJ and producer veteran, the track Full Moon evolves through various stages of nocturnal dancefloor mystery, using an elegant minimum of melody to strike up an astonishing maximum of catchiness. The sensual vocal fits into this flow just perfectly, and there’s also a stripped-down instrumental version. The remix of Green Lake Project glides along on the club-ready drive of a grinding and kicking bassline, giving rise to vivid phantasies of green laser beams and flashing light signals in the dusty darkness of a large open air floor.

  1. Full Moon (Original)
  2. Full Moon (Green Lake Project)
  3. Full Moon (Instrumental)

Release 14 Jule 2023

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