High Dose, No Sleep EP by Andy’s Echo

High Dose, No Sleep: A combination that results in a blissfully spaced-out state of mind when expressed through the groove of Andy’s Echo. The tight synthesiser sounds around which the title track of this EP reverberates have a sharp, metallic vibe to them that is blurred by bubbling waves of Acid. Guts on the other hand is all about the signature singer-songwriter qualities that make Andy’s Echo stand out from the mass of dance music producers. This track feels as dynamic and rousing as the live concert of a band, while the boost of the electronic elements creates a subtle yet utterly compelling flow of dancefloor energy. And then there’s Face It, a track that opens yet another, completely different perspective of the musical talent of Andy’s Echo. Here it’s all about his voice, the verse and chorus structure creating a pop-infused atmosphere of intense warmth and friendliness.

  1. High Dose, No Sleep
  2. Guts
  3. Face It

Release 21 Jule 2023

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