Ibish EP by Stephan Zovsky

Sprawling kaleidoscope patterns of melody develop a fascinating life of their own on the surface of a tight groove, sounds from future space technology zip by left and right, above and below: Stephan Zovsky’s Mosha comes has a pronounced touch of trance to it. The vocal that hits in after the second break adds an intense, heart-touching feeling of limitless freedom and possibility – in other words: Goosebumps. Ibish, the second tune on this newest EP, continues these outer space vibes in a stripped-down, atmospherically condensed manner. Complete with 8-bit computer game aesthetics, this track is an epic trip coded into frenetic dance moves.

Artist Link: https://open.spotify.com/intl-de/artist/7311LpGBvRgQVXyxBl2PzP?si=PovW6d0vTh6117Qlnf1Zaw

  1. Ibish
  2. Mosha

Release 28 Jule 2023

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