Niex by Leeni, releases 03 March 2023

  1. Higher Groove
  2. Higher Groove (Kon Faber Remix)
  3. Higher Groove (Markus Homm Remix)

It’s already well-known that this lady is seriously gifted when it comes to DJing, that her sets reflect the moment in an irresistibly dynamic and uplifting way, that even when she’s behind the decks, her heart is still beating on the dancefloor. Now Leeni packs all of her qualities into her own production: Higher Groove. Fueled by a thoroughly physical rhythm that vibrates vividly between the vibes of Tech and House, spring-loaded with skilfully placed details, and with subtle, almost understated pressure she creates an extremely sleek version of catchiness and boost. The casual summer vibes of the Kon Faber remix reverberate around a soaring melodic arrangement, while the minimalist, highly functional interpretation of Markus Homm seems to draw its intense energy straight out of the ether.

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