Utzedel EP by Ron Feller

Utzedel by Ron Feller, releases 14 April 2023

  1. Macaya
  2. Kutelo
  3. Belleza
  4. Kamenica
  5. Aragaz

Like a sophisticated mechanism, its intricate parts of polished ebony, precious metals and crystal glass engaging with each other with stunning precision: That’s how the masterfully crafted arrangements on Ron Feller’s Utzedel EP unfold. Warm, flowing basslines, endlessly modulating melody pads, whispering vocal entries, hidden psychoacoustics and compelling rhythmic escapades in the upper frequency spectrum: Everything has its own space, everything is present, everything sits just where it is supposed to sit – yet none of these elements ever leaps into the foreground or feels obtrusive. The harmonic balance inside each single track is also what keeps this EP together as a whole. Ron Feller reveals five different aspects of his talent as a producer, each one opening a unique and new perspective.

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