Vogelsang EP by Paul A. George

  1. Maleny in Cumbia 22
  2. Muscovy
  3. Muscovy (Timboletti Remix)

A laid-back downbeat, melodic pads floating along like high layers of clouds, ethereal chanting, the soft and sensual sound of a flute: Maleny in Cumbia 22 is a thoroughly mellow affair. Yet still, at the latest after the first break you’ll find your head moving and there’s a good chance your feet will do their thing, as well. Paul A. George casts his genre-crossing spell, creating a sublime sonic fusion of analogue and digital aesthetics with a distinct nod towards the NuLatam genre. With his track Muscovy, the Australian takes a different direction: Here, the beat is more compelling, the bass is darker, the rhythms tighter. It’s the vibe that’s rising just after dark on an open air dancefloor, at the beginning of a long night. The remix of Timboletti takes us even further into that nocturnal wonderland, introducing trippy psychoaccoustics, mind-altering acid frequencies and surreal samples.

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