Surreal Nights No. 1 [Various Artist]

Surreal Nights No. 1 by Various Artists, releases 02 June 2023

  1. Derun – Winter on Summer
  2. Juliane Wolf – Safe Place
  3. Mikah – Epica
  4. Mathias Winnfield – Shadow
  5. ODIIN – Motion
  6. Frankllin – The Altered State
  7. Deenara – Taste Of Freedom (Stephan Zovsky Remix)
  8. Andreas Fischer – Dancefloor
  9. Mutus – Why Why Why
  10. Jamin – Geheimnistraeger
  11. Mark Synth – No About Me
  12. Jonas Fritz – One For All
  13. Leeni, Danilo Kupfernagel – Volador
  14. Karsten Schmidt – Summer Rain

The actual beauty of a tool is really only revealed in whatever is created with it. In DJ culture, the word tool means just this: A functional production which is used to create something beautiful in front of the sound system. A track which is skilfully stripped down to the basic principle that is the framework of any good party: Dance. That’s what the Surreal Nights series is all about: Streamlined, functional dance music from old hands and new talents that reflects the sound of 3000Grad in its club-ready essence.

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